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    I have been checking up with the designer of QoolApps and he states he is close to releasing the QCaps version for the Treo 750.

    This program rocks and worked really well on the Motorola Q. I can not wait for this to come out.

    Now he has been working on this for some time so I hope he is close.

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    search for magikb lite. works better that qcaps did on the treo
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    I installed this but was not as satisfied as I was with QCaps on the Q.

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    You might want to try MagiKBLite (requires their HookMgr) to do the same. I've been using it for months. Works great. Allows you to exclude certain apps, so it doesn't interfere with speed-dialing, etc.

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    can anyone help me get this going?

    I even purchased it and installed based on the purchase instructions.
    Hookmgr is also installed.
    When I go to the program, The test area works as if its turned off.

    No response from mobiion in support. They got my $ but dont seem to interested in helping me get it going.

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    works great on the 800w. Did you load the profile for the 700w into it?

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