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    I am seeing som deals on on 4gb cards for under 50.00 transcend class 4 and 2gb for under 20.00. brand is transcend.

    Do the 4gb work on the 750?? or does a hack have to be installed liek the 650? I used to own a 650 and just go tthe 750 and its a whole new world for wm5.

    Any help as I want to order these today.


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    I had a 4GB MiniSD in my Treo 750v and it works - not perfectly, but it does...

    The problem was, that the MiniSD Card crashed somehow and I had to format the card to use it again - this happens three times...

    If you make a backup and can restore it, you can work with it...


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    so is 4gb non compatible or only some brands>??? what about the 2 gb do they crash as well?
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    I have no 2GB to test it - my one is a NoName Card, but it works perfectly and my computer (with an adapter)...
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    2 GB MiniSD cards will work in the Treo 750 (2 GB MicroSD will also work WITH a MINI adapter). 4 GB MiniSDHC (High Capacity) will NOT work in the Treo 750 running WM5 but WILL work in a Treo 750 running WM6. NOTE: There are some 4 GB non-High Capacity MiniSD cards out there (usually no-name ones) that may or may not work in a Treo running WM5. This is because they do not completely follow the SD specifications, so you would be taking a chance.
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    I have wm 6 and I'm been using a 4gb toshiba mini sdhc class 4 that I bought off for $38 plus shipping and it works great! I have had no problems with it in the 3 weeks since I've had the card and it is super FAST!... One thing to remember though with a sdhc card you will need a sdhc card reader to read the card on a computer. You can use activesync to see the card but I had a hard time sending files to the card so I went and bought a sandisk sdhc cardreader for $20.
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    I've read on this forum where someone is using a 4 GB MicroSDHC with a Mini adaptor with no problems on WM6. But 4 GB is not enough for me, so I found a 6 GB MicroSDHC from Sandisk on Since the 6 GB card still uses the SDHC specification, I figure it should work. I'll report my findings once I get the card and test it.
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    Just a follow-up from my previous post. I received the SanDisk 6 GB MicroSDHC card I ordered and can confirm that it works (with a MiniSD adapter) in my Treo 750 running WM6.

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