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    I bought a Palm Treo 700w off Ebay a few days ago. The seller said that the phone did not come with an ESN internal antenna and that we could buy it online. But when we got the phone, the phone did not come with any information on it whatsoever except for the serial number. It did not come with an ESN number on it anywhere.
    Is there anyway I could buy a broken 700w and switch out the ESN or could I do a hard reset and it restore the information?
    Is there any way to get this information back?
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    The ESN# is under the battery, on a sticker.

    It's also under Settings --> System --> About --> Phone --> ESN Dec

    That and the carrier name is all you need to activate.

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    This phone does not have an ESN anywhere on the phone. The sticker has been removed from this phone. It does not have it under settings. This phone has been professionally cleaned, I do believe. Normally, I would know where to find an ESN.
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    I think your SOL. Those ESNs are like the device's SSN. They get one and that's it, otherwise they look...I dunno, stolen?

    Since I suppose you don't know the carrier (?) you can't even take it to anyone to exchange.

    Maybe someone else here can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong...

    I could even suggest reprogramming the ESN (illegal) using unicdma or something, but I don't think it's possibly on the Treos.

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    My carrier is Verizon Wireless.
    Say someone did use that program to give this phone a new ESN, would my carrier be able to tell the difference when I went to activate this phone? How would they know that someone did use that program if it is illegal.
    I took it to Verizon, and they said that the phone was probably stolen and to return it to the person I bought it from.
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    I wouldn't touch that phone woth a ten foot poll. I would send it back to the person I bought it from however they already told you that it didn't ahave an ESN.
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    They person we bought it from did not tell us it was missing all the vital information. He said it was missing an internal antenna.
    I could be mistaken for a blond sometimes when it comes to electronics and such. I do not know anything. I thought it just needed an antenna replaced.
    I did not know that the esn and EVERYTHING was missing.
    We took it to Verizon and they said it was probably stolen. That is why everything is missing. This person will not give me a refund, so I am reselling it on Ebay, and listing it in the exact condition that I got it. I have on there that it is for parts only, and cannot ever be activated. That the esn and all information is missing.
    What I cannot understand is this. The phone says it is not activated, the esn and everything is gone, but the only thing is doesn't do is service related. I can get on the powerpoint thing, I can play games, take pictures, everything. If everything is missing, then why does it work like this?
    Maybe I just don't know a whole lot....
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    > the only thing is doesn't do is service related

    Exactly. The phone was cleaned of the unique identifier which can be used by carriers or others to trace the original owner. This prevents the (typical) use of the radio yet the other phone features remain (play games, etc.). To me, the disclosure that it does not contain an "ESN internal antenna" reads like an Ebay scam whereby if you challenge the seller via Ebay, the other party can claim the lack of an ESN was advertised (yet we all know the disclosure is deceptively written).
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    Hey K0. If you are still looking for a Treo 700w let me know. I still have mine since I upgraded to the 700wx if you want it. Just PM me.
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    Wow, I hope you have reported the seller to Ebay for fraud. Anytime you buy a CDMA phone from a 3rd party be sure to not only get the ESN, but also call the carrier and validate the the ESN is "activateable." There are TONS of phones floating around ebay that can't be activated because the phone is either stolen, or (and this is most typical) the seller went delinquent on their account. Oftentimes a seller who has a delinquent account doesn't even know that his phone is no longer activateable.
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    Yep, as others have said, this smells fraudulent. I understand not knowing much about electronics, but then if this is the case, it's probably not the best idea to purchase things which come out of the box already needing additional components, and also simply asking this same question here or in other forums BEFORE you buy would probably be a smart bet, and not just assuming or believing the eBay seller's word. Hind sight is 20/20 of course...
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