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    Hello all. I had New Menu installed while also running iLauncher and the SMS patch. When I first did the SMS patch, the left button said SMS and upon press Messaging was under it. So, with new menu I named the button NEO. I decided to uninstall NM, strictly using iLauncher TM, but the button still says NEO. Now, when I press it, I get the 'missing application' error. I've done a couple of soft resets to no avail. I would like to get the SMS title and functionality back while trying not to hard reset or reinstall the SMS. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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    I did a reg edit to fix it......
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    what was the registry fix???
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    Heres what I did. I went to the 112 key, left soft key, and changed the name to SMS and the path to \Windows\Messaging.exe, then wait about 5 minutes and soft reset. Well, now, after another soft reset, it reverts back to Neo and trying to launch New Menu.

    With a WX, you really shouldnt have to soft reset to regain memory but at the end of a long work day and alot of use of several applications, its nice to refresh. Thats when I noticed it changed back. Even with NM uninstalled. So, this fix is temporary and you have to repeat it.

    Still trying to figure out for long term. Tried to reinstall NM, delete settings, disable the left key, reset, still NEO. I even fixed it,SMS, it took via reset, backed up my registry, reset, NEO, restored my reg, still NEO. Very frustrating.

    So, if anyone can help with this, please let me know. Oh yeah, dont want to hard reset. Thanks.


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