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    Anyone ever seen this before? All of a sudden my end call key no longer turns off the screen. Every time I press it I now here the "end call" sound, but it doesn't shut the screen off. It will however still exit me out of other programs (email and such), it just won't turn the screen off.

    I've tried two soft resets, and also removed the battery- no go. I'd really like to avoid a hard reset if possible. Has this happened for anyone? Thoughts on a solution?

    AT&T Treo 750 w/ WM5 and Goodlink.
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    I have the same problem about once a week. I just perform a soft reset and things are fine. I know it's a hassle and hopefully WM6 will fix it. After all, it is a Windows OS, so "when in doubt, reboot".
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    Happened to me when I installed HTC Homescreen. I no longer have the HTC Homescreen and am running WM6 and it works fine.
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    just wondering, sorry to crash this thread, I had this same problem the other night when someone called me and hung up, I had my BT headset and I tried to pick up but missed the caller, then my 750's end key did the same thing, the end call sound but didn't shut it off, until the next time the person called back, then when i ended the call it worked fine.. weird

    the main reason for my post was because I am a little confused, i do "soft resets" weekly on my 750, I hit the button in the MiniSD slot and it reboots my device, squa89 mentioned that he did that and also removed the battery but wanted to avoid a "hard reset." Isn't removing the battery considered a hard reset, or is there another way to do it?
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    A hard reset is when you erase all data from the phone and start over. Very good for clearing junk off your phone. And removing the battery does NOT hard reset the phone.
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    ahh, so in the menu somewhere theres an option to do it, or do you have to download that CAB on Palm's Treo 750 page?
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    There are a couple of ways to "Hard Reset" your device. 1) You can install the a Cab file from Palm's site or you can 2) Hold down the OK button while pressing the "soft-reset" key next to the MiniSD slot.

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