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    As everyone else, I am waiting for the release of WM6- and I use flexmail currently. (its not that great but its better than xpress email )

    I was wondering if anyone has used both and can compare the two? I am hoping that wm6's email program (I am assuming outlook?) trumps flexmail?

    Hoping for a better "push" email program through wm6- (or any other 3rd party software you would recommend that doens't require a service charge monthly)
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    Curious to see what FM4 is like (beta should be soon) because 3 is still pretty slow but better than Poutlook (even on WM6).

    I like that in Poutlook they've added shortcut keys for delete, reply etc, but the problem is that it's press and hold to use the shortcut (hold down the D key to delete). Single press of keys filters your email like it did in WM5. These should be reversed IMO

    I'm an avid user of MagiKB which is like Keycaps was for palm OS that sped up typing (hold down a key to shuttle between lower case, upper case, and the "option" value for the key.)

    MagiKB won't work properly with POutlook in WM6 because of it.. so you either get shortcut keys or faster typing but not both. In FM you just press the D key once to delete so MagiKB works great with it. FM needs to add the shortcuts when you're actually viewing a message though, rather than just when you're looking at a folder like you're inbox...
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    If you use IMAP -IDLE (example: AOL mail pushed to your phone) then flexmail may be worth it. And if you already paid for it then I would install it. I like it, it supported HTML email before wm6 was released, and it supports the IMAP-push. Not sure if that feature alone is worth the money, but that's up to the user.
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    I just need a way to send email from multiple email accounts in Poutlook and I'm a happy camper. I like Activesync to my Exchange too much to even think about FM and Push IMAP. But I do miss having multiple SMTP accounts so that I can choose which email account I want my outbound email to come from.
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    I've not used FlexMail but can only assume it, like ChatterMail, has no problems with the lack of support for SSL on

    You may have seen a few of my posts on troubles getting WM5's PocketOutlook to log into's pop3 mailserver. Don't
    get me wrong - it will work... eventually. Something like 90 seconds
    before it gives up on SSL negotiation and reverts to non-SSL.

    In WM5, there was a nice little RegKey (ForceOffSSL) that allowed
    me to tell PocketOutlook to not insist on trying to use SSL. Note
    that you could always don't "Require" SSL, but PocketOutlook still
    attempts it. It just doesn't require it when you don't check the box.

    The key drawback of this workaround is that if you have other
    email accounts (POP3 or IMAP) that you don't want to (or are
    required to as in the case of gmail) use SSL, you can't. Ouch!

    Alas, along comes WM6 and the PocketOutlook still has this problem.
    But the ForceOffSSL workaround appears to be gone. Hence, I'm
    now stuck with 90 second login sessions when my PocketOutlook
    polls my POP3 email account. Double Ouch!

    I can attest that this problem was definately NOT seen with any other
    POP3 client I've used (various desktop clients including Outlook, Palm's
    old POP3 client on the Treo 600, and ChatterMail). I've concluded it's
    a PocketOutlook-specific problem.

    BTW, I'm on T-Mobile and some have claimed it's related to that. I've
    ruled that out by trying it on a Dash running WM5 at the time. I shut
    down the phone line and turned on the WiFi using various WiFi Hotspots
    (including my house's). Every time, PocketOutlook exhibited this problem.
    Hence, it has nothing to do with T-Mobile's proxy etc...

    I currently poll my email so rarely that I've decided to live with this delay for now - but I only recently "upgraded" to WM6. While on WM5, I was satisfied with the ForceOffSSL workaround since I don't have gmail or any other SSL-requiring email servers...

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