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    how do I get nfl mobile on my sprint powered 700wx?
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    You don't. Hope your not paying for the $20 or $25 Power Vision package because you don't need it. You only need to get the $15 unless your using it as a modem.You don't have access to the Power Vision site that all the other phones get like the Razor. Sorry.
    P.S. Get the $15 dollar package and get MobiTV for $10 with NFL Network.
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    Go to
    Click on shop for Applications
    Then Free/Demo
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    Thanks for the link, I think sprint may have finally come around. This was another feature that I was upset that was missing in my 700wx.
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    Bookmark your favorite team settings as softresets clear this from your phone. Now if they would start to offer us the same ringers they offer everyone else!
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    Did they take the free/demo link off. I can't find it on that page.
    Check out my site.

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    last season I downloaded a sprint nfl mobile app for free on the sprint app store... it was an icon under apps and when opened it launched a site in blazer. it displayed a field and showed you where the ball was and the first down line. anyone ever use this, know where to d/l it, or know the URL?

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    Hopefully it will work for someone. It's not being recognized by a lot of phones, and rumor has it, won't be available again until mid September.
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    Working great on my instinct but still not available for my centro

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