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    I have a 700wx, that worked great up until a few days ago. I was talking on the phone while I turned on my bluetooth headset and that was the last time I heard anything out of it.

    With the headset connected, the phone works fine. Without it, the phone dials a call, the timer starts, but I never hear any ringing. If I try and enable the speakerphone, the option is grayed out.

    I haven't done anything to the phone recently, no new software, I haven't dropped it or anything, and I've soft reset several times. Yes, my volume is also up.

    Any idea how to fix this? I'd like to avoid a hard reset if possible.

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    Try turning off bluetooth and see if that helps. It may still be trying to connect to the headset.
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    Same problem with me check out the link.

    this guy nonobeez might be able to help you out....i'm going to send my phone out to him soon
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    Following a suggestion from one of the guys in that thread, I connected my wired headset, and then unplugged it and everything is back to normal.

    Thanks guys!
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    that's only a temp fix though, it's gonna come back happened to me!

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