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    I get multiple emails containing Excel files quite often. I can open some and some I cannot open. I get the error saying there is no program associated with this file ??????? I know it is Excel, it ends in .XLS, I open it on my computer at home with no problem. Any way I can fix this? I have tried to save the file to my treo and then open it from excel, dont work. I have renamed the file, dont work.

    Why would a file that ends in .XLS not be associated automatically to open with Excel?????

    I am using WM6 on Treo 750, ATT.

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    . i also have an excel problem. my company password protects just about all of their spreadsheets. My 750 will not open them. it says that it cannot open password protected files. Also how do you zoom in on PDF files. they open real nice, you just can't see them.
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    in pdf, click the center button to zoom- (or tap on lower left screen to enable zooming) then use the center button and arrows to zoom and move around.
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