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    I am very new to this treo so i hope i am not being stupid but here goes.

    I just got a treo 700wx from sprint. I also bought a 4 gig micro sd Memory card from sprint (i am not sure what brand it was it does not say on it). But when i put the card in the treo it makes a sound like it is in but does not show it has that memory card for storage anywhere.

    I have heard that i need a special download to use the 4 gig card because the 700 wx is only built for 2 gig max storage.

    1) Is this true and does anyone know where i can get it?

    2) and is there any other downloads that all treo 700wx users need to have? or should have? There is alot out there.

    I hope you can help i have been serching past threads but have not found what helps.

    Thanks for any thing that you can do.
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    1) Yes this is true, the card reader is only designed to read 2 gig cards. But with a program Card Export II, you can use the 4 gig card with no problems

    Also it makes transferring files from the treo to the computer much quicker and vise versa.
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    I used the SDHC patch from this forum. Not only did it give me 4g SDHC support, but it also retained SD support. This might give you access to the 4gigs.

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