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    Now I notice I can't sent any text messages to my friends I keep get error it say could not be sent. Error: Dst.Rs.Sht (35).

    How i can fix? I have good signal but it was fix so after that it have problem. I try google for that error but no info.

    And it have 1.14 sprint version update.
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    BUMP again
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    I got that error today (VZW) but I hit retry & it went through. I had almost no service at all.
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    I have service but I did found that my friend have sprint but I couldn't sent his text to his.

    Is there new updates for treo 700wx because I remember saw it was 1.15 but now it 1.14 where new updates?
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    did update to 1.15 it success but not text message

    well it not work i get message say your message to __________ could not be sent. ERROR: Dst.Rs.Sht(35). retry or select cancel to save in the drafts folder.

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