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    i've been trying out different p2p programs for wm5 and I can't get any of them to work. am i missing something? or is there one that works. I've tried mobiphant, wm5torrent, and pocket g2 pro. anybody got some insights?
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    I use adiasta winmobiletorrent. works great for me.
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    I downloaded winmobile torrent but I don't know how to use it, unless mine isn't working properly. I choose tools ->connect and then I'm not sure where to go from there. is there a search function?
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    Why in the world would you need to p2p on yr phone? Do you really need a pr0n fix that badly? haha jk

    But seriously... is it really necessary? How good could yr speeds possibly be? And what are you downloading? Entire seasons of TV shows?

    Just wondering...
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    I just wanted to download a song here or there to listen to. I would just use orb to stream over my own music except that its been giving me problems so I stopped using it. so no other ideas of good p2p?
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    adiasta is a great program. after it is installed you have to go to a torrent site such as,,, etc. find a torrent you want, download that and have it open when downloaded. I use it often & when I have EVDO service I get around 30Kbs. just be sure when you install adiasta install it to your sd card.
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    having a p2p set up would be alot easier though... i was looking for the samething from what i read there really isnt anything out there besides 2go but it only made it to alpha stage then the guy gave up on making it sometime last year so theres no support for it now...i would like it just to download songs anytime one pops in my head...hope limewire gets in on the PPC club ...oneday
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    I can't even imagine having a P2P app on my Treo. In Canada, you can't get unlimited data anywhere, and we get stuck paying $30/mb. Can you believe that?
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    winmobiletorrent is not bad. I'm just wondering if anyone knows other good torrent sites. the ones I've been looking at don't let me click on it to download, or doesn't have the audio files I want. is there a good one with a lot of variety?
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    Another vote for WMTorrent.

    For Alienwhere: I actually use it to download albums (which of course I own already ), sometimes an audio book.

    As far as speeds, you'd be surprised: on a strong Ev connection I can easily grab a 50-90mb album in about 15 minutes if the torrent is seeded well.

    I had a day like this recently: on the LIRR, wanted to know what the band Múm was up to. I ended up reading up on them on Wapedia, downloaded their new single and then grabbed two album all at the same time. Gotta love WM and 3g

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    So this app is really worth the 20 bucks it's asking for?
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    it is worth it to me, but I dl all kinds of stuff both on my computer & my treo. if you know where to look on your computer you don't have to pay for anything ;-)
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    i'm still having a hard time finding the files i want. is there a bittorrent site that is treo compatible and has a great variety of music files to download?
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    my favorite site is demonoid. i use it on my treo all the time. it has everything from movies to music to software to......EVERYTHING
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta View Post
    For Alienwhere: I actually use it to download albums (which of course I own already ), sometimes an audio book.
    But Mal, isn't that what we all do? I mean, no one here would ever consider using such software for presumably nefarious (at least in the eyes of some larger organizations that shall remain nameless) purposes...

    I myself was extremely late to the torrent party. Never could get it to work at home properly, so never considered it for my phone. Had a little success on the desktop since then, but my service is so spotty so often (I live in a more rural area, or at least Sprint would have me believe so, despite the massive numbers of people there also) that to do something like this would be an exercise in futility.
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    yea im not a big fan of torrents my self ,they are really slow and the sites they are on are not the best...i mostly use rapidshare to d/l all my back ups..i only turn to torrents when i have no other choice...
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    what about viruses... is it possible to get viruses on these phones with windows?
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    possible, yes....but I have gone to plenty of sites on my phone that I would NEVER take my computer to ( ) and I haven't had a single problem.

    ps. if u go to that link on your computer its your own fault.

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