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    Hello there guys. ive searched the forum for CE-Star nobody seems to be using this. Anyway ive installed this CE-Star on my Treo 750 for chiense support.

    Im able to read chinese on my sms and everything. the problem is that when i try to reply the SMS. i cant seems to find a way to change to pinyin mode. Its not on the keyboard and etc.

    The only way i can do that is that go to the Today screen. Click on the CE-Star icon then put pinyin then switch back to sms and start typing. If i change mode again i have to go to today screen again and re-do this.

    Is there any shortcut way to popup the input method? i read the manual and it doesnt say for the treo 750 only for the smartphone os.

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    Try option(below A key) + spacebar. that works for me
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    haha thanks ... i figured it out already actually when i was about to type numbers then i accidently press the FN button and press space then it was pinyin .. hahahha the manual didnt mention this ..

    anyway ive been ahving another problem.. ive set my regional settings to Chinese (Singapore) everytime when i use quick find on Today screen it will bring me to goolge in chinese .. how do i make it in english ?

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