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    I have done a search and am confused. As i understand it the voice command that comes standard on the 700w will not work with bluetooth? I searched and further found that M$ offers a voice command that is somewhat expanded from the standard one. It claims to work with Bluetooth. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? Or is there another way to work around this issue? there is so much info out there that it is down right confusing. I hope you can help me.

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    As far as I know, nobody has found a way of making VC work via BT on the Treo. I don't think another VC app will help (at least if it did, I think it would be all over these forums, people have been trying to get this for a while). Sorry, but unless some breakthrough has been made I don't know of yet, there is no solution. (YET!!!!!! I never count the guys here or in a couple other communities out!!!!)

    Good luck, please let us know if you have ANY success with it....a lot of us will surely follow if you do LOL!!
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    Thanks for the clairification. Just one of the limitations of the treo i will have to live with. perhaps the next time I upgrade my phone palm will have fixed this issue.
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    That is kinda where most of us are at mentally as well. The WX is a great device, but there are a few limitations....that being one of the biggies. We can all keep our fingers crossed someone hashes it out, but I think it will be a waiting game for the next upgrate!!
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    I have a solution

    well sorta

    if you use one of those bluetooth bundles that are made for non bluetooth devices

    They have car mounts like that. Where you put your phone into a car cradle which plugs into the headset port of your phone...

    it has it's own bluetooth receiver, so connect your headset to the receiver, plus the call button on the headset and say "call ----"

    in theory it should work perfectly, I have the call function when using the headphones that came with the device; and this wouldn't be much different
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    Uhh... what? I'm not following.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFAngryWarrior View Post
    Uhh... what? I'm not following.
    Yeh sorry I've been sick all day and just woke up when i wrote that

    So here, my attempt to rewrite it.

    The voice command feature works with any wired headphones i plug into the treo (being where if you push the action button on the headphones mic, it will activate voice command, and allow you to dictate the software through the headphone mic)

    we we know it is possible to use voice command with a wired headset plugged in.

    my theory is:

    by using a product like this:

    This product is made for non-bluetooth equipped phones.

    A bluetooth receiver plugs into the same headphone jack your wired headset plugs into (which allows access to Voice Command)

    and then you pair up a bluetooth headset, to that receiver.

    and "in theory" it should work.

    Personally i am not going to put down $60 just to test it out. I only use voice command when driving.

    I have come past another bluetooth device that does this, but functions as a car-dock and charger.

    This would appeal more to me; being able to put my phone into a dock while driving, and use voice command over a bluetooth headset

    Does this clear things up for you AFAngryWarrior?

    I know my post before wasn't constructed well, nor was this one for the matter (I am all over the place when putting ideas together); but I hope you can compute this time.

    ^^;; for some reason (due to other post) I get the feeling you have something against me.

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