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    love my treo to death but the fact that this simple feature isnt available is inexceptable lol..

    i like to have seperate ringtones for my family.. dudes.. and females..

    downloaded mring.. non .qcp compatible..

    ringo.. cant find a .cab (havent been on a computer in months and a PC in like 2years (mac user))

    so basically ALL i want to do is to be able to assign one ringtone to my whole categorie of people.. not have to individually change theyre ringtone way to many contacts to go through

    anyone know of anything that can help me out?

    sheesh i kno free 7-11 phones that can do this lol
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    Why not use mp3 files?

    I used to use .qcp files back when the phones didn't support mp3, but now I just download a free mp3 cutter and slice the song where I want it. usually has mp3 cutters

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