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    Last week Cingular sent me a text saying I should download the audio software update from palm to avoid losing sound on my phone. I was kind of leery because instructions said to do a reset after the update(I was unsure if they meant hard or soft).

    Last night someone called me but I could not hear the caller, and my speakerphone would not work. Turns out I could only hear the caller when I use the headset, and only one ear works. When I talk into the headset, the caller can barely hear me. When I remove the headset and talk directly into the phone, they can hear me very clearly, but I can't hear them at all. Do you think the download will solve this problem or has anyone ever had an issue like this? When the phone rings, it rings at it's usally sound level and I can hear it with no problem, so I'm really confused as to why the speakerphone will not work...and the timing of the text from cingular and these problems is strange.

    any info will be greatly, greatly appreciated...thanks
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    Might just be the headphone jack. Search on that. There are a number of messages in this forum on that topic. I had the problem. I bought a bluetooth, did a hotsync and a hard reset and all was back to normal. But I have never used the wired headset again. Probably should have swapped the phone (700p) but mine works so well otherwise....
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    thanks so much...i'll give it a look right now....

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