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    I believe you'll be OK, I presently use the leaked ATT WM6 on Telstra and it works fine - way better than WM5. Whilst I have not tried the Vodafone / Three Aussie WM6, I suspect they are fine (if ATT works, why not these?). But someone has, and it seems fine. Check out where he said:

    "Last night I downloaded the 3 Mobile Windows Mobile 6 upgrade from Palm and successfully used it to upgrade my Telstra branded Treo 750. The only thing I've noticed missing is all the annoying Telstra branding, however the benefits of now having a super fast Windows Mobile device with embedded SQL Server CE 3.1 and .NET Compact Framework, not to mention enhancements such as:

    Improved Calendar management with enhanced User Interface
    Enhanced E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access and more
    Voice command via Bluetooth
    USB cable charging
    was well worth the sacrifice."

    Good luck (and please post your results).

    Woah, that sounds great. Had a brief experience with wm6 on my JasJam (POS), I liked it.
    The Treo is brand new. Dunno if screwing with the ROM will void my warranty or not (couldnt see it would, as its a valid ROM, with a different company) Also I have to read about saving my existing ROM, so I can revert to it should things turn pear shaped (but I also heard I cant put the old rom back on!!!)
    Any help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mszatny View Post
    I had no problems getting GPRS/3G on the ATT network using the Australia3 ROM

    Could you post the AT&T data settings that worked for you? I am eager to flash my treo with this new rom but haven't because I am quite unsure what settings to restore. Thanks!
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