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    before you found the one.

    I've done the searches across the various sites for cases and there are many replies who are adamnant the one they recommend is the one, heck some posters will be forceful on more than one case depending on date they posted reply.

    I started with the Verizon horizontal pouch with magnetic flap and realized it was not for me as I exited car and Treo wound up on driver seat.

    I then went for the Palm horizontal hard case and Palm leather vertical holster. The hard case accidentally opened (Treo didn't fall out) and my storage card popped when inserting Treo into holster, so out went those two.

    Went with the Sena flip and vertical pouch with magnetic flap next. Storage card popped out using both so that was an expensive lesson. The stupid flap kept coming off and hanging with its design - PIA.

    Onto the Palm horizontal pouch with magnetic flap and the SPE 6 horizontal pouch with magnetic flap that is critically acclaimed. SPE 6 flap showed too much movement in car. Palm has held it's own for now.

    Got stupid last night and ordered the Krusell Horizontic Plus Small-Wide with Krusell Executive Pack clip unit as well as a VAJA classic Top - for Palm Treo 700 series, Material Combination: Plain Vitelino, Color-scheme: Vitelino Azabache, Personalization: No, Backside: Ultra Clip No rivet clip option as Vaja has used up supply and manufacturer has not done any more runs.

    I used a Vaja vertical with flap for my T-M SDA and liked the carrier but hated the ultraclip yet here I go again.

    So the moral of the post is you can search high and low, read every post but still have a different opinion of the product than what you read once in hand.

    Geez, I could open a case outlet with all the leftovers.

    Probably would have been suffice to find a horizontal with a snap flap for $4.98 on ebay.

    Or there's always the Palm Flexi-Case with Helix holster to try next if all else fail.

    So what's your story. One case person or multiple case to you found the one.

    I know this is a weird post but it will help the next case seeker who does a search first before their query "What is the best case"

    What say ye?
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    umm ...two
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    I've used only one, the Sena leather with no flip (and no clip). I also purchased the same one with the clip, but as I suspected I don't like the bulk. So... I am still using the original Sena no-clip leather case. Actually I love it and don't plan on buying a new one unless this one wears out (had it about year now - good as new).

    One caveat... I like to carry my phone in my pocket and not on a clip. This case is perfect for that.

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    I don't have any skins or pouches. My Treo sits nice and comfy in my left pocket all by herself (yes, my Treo is a she !).
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