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    I am new to windows mobile and definitely not as proficient with writing programs and/or decifering code.

    I would really like to get weatherpanel up and working on my wx with the Chameleon-240 theme and the plugin that allows you to use the dpad for navigation.

    I have read through all 30 something pages of the "weatherpanel " thread and I am still alittle confused. Sorry.

    I would just like the new "fixed" version of weatherpanel, the Chameleon-240 theme, and the dpad navigation plugin. I would like to use the screen that shows current temperature, city, and date with the icons for conditions and moonphase. From reading I think that I would like to use the "ghost" background so that my background from my today screen shows through.

    I'm sure someone will post something nasty, but really if you could help me with finding the links to these things, and some really good detailed instructions on how to accomplish all of this. Thank you so much in advance.
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    Have you tried over at PPCGeeks? They are great over there, and Storyr has the thread to help you out right here:

    His CAB, fixes, instructions, and a few posts down is the Chamelion skin. I will look for the navigation CAB.

    EDIT: Here is the thread with the navigation CAB:

    P.S. Don't worry about the questions...we all started somewhere, ask away!!
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    Thanks syrguy1969

    Yes - PPCGeeks or is your best bet for WeatherPanel downloads. I haven't checked lately, but this site doesn't allow as large or as many attachments as these others...
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    Thank you so much. I finally got it all setup and working. Having a community to turn to is really nice.
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    Quite honestly, I never expected to join a community (much-less 4) when I purchased a new phone, but with guys like Storyr, and a few others I could name from other forums, it is an amazing information pool!!! I have learned a lot!! Good luck in the future, feel free to post any questions!!
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    I want to get Weatherpanel too, do I have to purchase it ? And where is the best place to download it ?
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    Hi Storyr. I just downloaded your son of a commuter theme, it works perfectly, great job. However, the icon pack cant be opened, I get a "can not open file, archive does not appear to be valid". I try to redownload it and I get the same alert. Any suggestions?

    Forget it. Tried again and success. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soonerbean View Post
    I want to get Weatherpanel too, do I have to purchase it ? And where is the best place to download it ?
    Just go to the links I posted above (post #2). That is the easiest, best, and you can get the most help there as well!!

    P.S. it's free!!!

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