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    Hey all,
    Has anyone else had problems the past few days with Yahoo Go address book sync or the desktop autosync software, or is it just me?
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    Apparently Yahoo disabled the sync feature! I was working just a few days ago...

    Here's the response I got from their mobile support team:

    "Hello Fred,

    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mobile Tech support.

    I understand that you are having an issue with the synchronization of
    Yahoo! Address Book through the Yahoo! Go 2.0 on your mobile device.

    I am glad to assist you Fred with this issue. I understand your
    situation that the Yahoo! Address Book does not meet your expectation.
    Please be informed that the Yahoo! Address Book does no longer
    synchronize through the Yahoo! Go 2.0.
    However, we are always open for
    customer suggestions and comments. We strongly believe that through
    user's feedback we can better improve our services. I have provided
    below the steps on how you can access the address book via Yahoo! Go

    With Yahoo! Go 2.0, you can search and access your Yahoo! Address Book
    associated with your Yahoo! ID. If you have contacts in Yahoo! Address
    Book (, Y!Go 2.0 allows search and display of
    all Address Book details. "

    It's a shame. It seemed to work very well. I guess autosync will have to do, I hope they haven't shut that down too...

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