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    I been using a 700wx with Verizon for 7 months now but am switching jobs and moving to a new company. So I have to leave my 700wx behind and get a new phone/carrier. I have enjoyed the 700 and have done some some of the reg hacks/installed third part software to suite my needs even better (love TreoAlert and the YouTube mods).

    I guess I really would like a smaller form factor in a phone. One that is thinner. I like that the 750 doesn't have an external antenna sticking up. I do also like the touch screen. I'm very tempted by the Blackberry Curve but I'm afraid of the unknowns I guess. Will I miss the touch screen? I also like the form factor and keyboard on the new Moto Q 9m.

    I'm hoping you all could help share your opinions for perspective. I realize that the 750 will utilize AT&T's 3G network but it is not yet available in my home town. Wm6 might sway me to go with the 750 but I have no idea when the upgrade is actually coming.

    Thanks for your comments.
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    In my opinion, if you've enjoyed your experience with the Treo 700 on Verizon, then if it ain't broke don't fix other words get the Treo 750. My company supports both Blackberries and Treos and I have always chosen to go Treo. I've had the 600, 650 and now 750. I agree the 750, although the best design of a Treo thus far is still fairly thick when compared to the competition however I'll deal with that for the speed I get with it especially with Windows Mobile 6. I upgraded via the leaked ROM and this is by far the best handheld device I have ever used. Tethering at HSPDA speeds is like being hooked up to cable or DSL. Windows Mobile 6 although only appearing to be a cosmetic upgrade is in fact what Windows Mobile 5 should've been when it was released - no lag when operating between programs, menus, screens, etc., better email (w/HTML support), more stable and even Cingular Video enabled.

    I haven't seen the Q9 yet, but from it's specs it is tempting. A couple of key differences to consider with that device vs the 750:

    The Q9 has only domestic 3G so if you travel internationally, you'll be down to EDGE whereas the 750 is tri-band UMTS.
    Also the Q9 is Windows Mobile 6 standard, meaning no touch screen.
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    I agree that to be completely satisfied I would need to find the leaked WM6 Rom. What is confusing to me about the Rom upgrade is this:
    1) which version? I've heard about an ATT version and a Vodaphone version. Which one to install and where do I get it?
    2) does it work well or is there buggy/missing functionality?

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    I should have also noted that the Blackberry I like most is the Curve which is available on AT&T. But it is only capable of EDGE speeds compared to the Treo which is the faster "3G" as AT&T calls it. Does that make a big difference? I do plan to tether my laptop to either device from time to time (like at airports etc.).
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    i'm using the att wm6 rom and i love it. just go to xda developers and search the treo 750 forum, it's not hard to find.

    i have not owned a curve, but many people in my office do. i'm not going to lie, it's a much better design - better screen, thinner, better keyboard, standard 3.5mm audio jack - however it's EDGE and that doesn't cut it for me. I like to tether when travelling and surfing via HSPDA feels like being hooked up to DSL or cable.
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    I was unable to find the wm6 hack on xda dev ... every link I found was shut down prior to my finding it. I didn't have all day to play "hunt the rom".

    Anyone want to PM me with a location? :-)
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    Well to update this thread I ended up purchasing the 750. I love the Blackberry form factor but in the end the better web browsing experience with the treo and the touch screen/third party software was compelling reason enough to go with the treo. I'm glad I did. With full hspda after WM6 upgrade the treo really is more powerful than the blackberry. I wish ATT would bring in an hspda blackberry.

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