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    Is there a good free alternative to spb mobile shell out there? My trial period is about to end and I like it, but I'd rather not spend the $.

    I want something that has various tabs. Mostly, I just want a launcher tab and a weather tab.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Not exactly MobileShell, but it is free!! Check this rltoday skin:
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    Check out the HTC Home Plugin
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll check them out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    Anyone get this to work successfully on your Treo 700wx? It looks cool but wanna know if it works with our phones.

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    I tried it after reading this thread. I found it slowed things down a bit and was not for me. I also had to do a restore because I lost in-call display on the today screen even after uninstalling this.
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    I've been running the following version for about a week with no issues.

    Actually, I found that if I ran with the profile tab things did run slowly. I am currently running with the Home, Launcher, Weather, and Quick Dial tabs; with no issues so far.

    Very happy with the results. Enough so to hold of and NOT get a new phone right now (waiting for Sprint's WiMax devices coming out next year)

    You will need a good registry editor to make the necessary edits. See the thread for more info.
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