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    I have a treo 700wx which has served me well other then the bluetooth never working correctly. It would often disconnect when the phone went to powersave mode (screen turned off) I am currently evaluating a Motorola q9m on verizon. The bluetooth has been rock solid, but I yearn for a full windows mobile device.

    I have done some searching but it sounds like the 750 may have some of the same issues as the 700wx. Anyone care to tell me the current state of affairs on the 750.
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    I have no problems with the bluetooth on my Treo 750.

    I have a 2007 Lexus IS and it pairs with the Treo 750 without difficulty. Many times, I just keep the Treo 750 in my pocket and it has no problems connecting to the car. My wife also has a Treo 750 and does not have problems hers either.
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    Bluetooth on the 750 is one of the best I've used thus far. Range is better than many other phones I've dealt with. Quite frankly I was surprised because I'm not used to Palm's having such good bluetooth.
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    I agree that the range on the Treo 750's range is excellent.
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    So no unexplained disconnects? Pairs everytime you turn the car or headset on without manual intervention?
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    Does for me. No problems at all with headset or laptop (I don't have BT in my car.)
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    Mine works fine also with tomtom and my jabra 8010

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    No problems.
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    It works much better on my 750 than on my 8525.

    I have difficulty pairing the 8525 with my wife's Acura. The 750 has no problems. (Also: I have to hard reset the 8525 more, hence more re-pairs). :-)
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    You will have problems with certain car kits but it works great with headsets.
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