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    I'm trying to find a way to easily listen to podcasts on my 700wx. I recently changed from a 700p, where using PocketTunes with the right skin made this doable. Overall, the change from Palm to Windows Mobile was a good move for me, due to the Outlook integration, but...

    The issues are:

    • A player that autobookmarks when another app / phone call happens. Pocket Player seems to do this.
    • A skin that has BIG buttons allowing jumping forward / backward in increments of 15 and 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc. There is an excellent skin of this type for PocketTunes. Since I listen in the car, this needs to be a one handed operation involving as little looking at the device as possible.
    • An easy way to automatically download podcasts, create playlists, and sync to the 700wx. I'm downloading with Juice, but the process involves Windows Media Player and is still more manual than I would like.

    Ideas and suggestions much appreciated.
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    For streaming of podcasts you might want to check out my Pocket PodCenter app for the last issue:
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    Bookmarking is my Holy Grail, the only one that has worked for me is Pocket Player, but it's so slow that I just can't put up with it.

    So.. I use my Nano for podcasts until some other player figures it out.

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