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    Hey all,
    I'm new to treo's so take it easy on me

    I am currently supporting 4 700w treo's at my work. We use verizon's wireless sync software along with MS exchange. I have one user in particular who's contacts on his phone duplicate or triplicate randomly causing his phone to become unable to sync-up. Wireless sync errors out with a message along the lines of, contacts exceeds the maximum size of 3,500K by 1,019K. Remove some data to continue.

    His phone is duplicating contacts his PC's Outlook 2003 contacts are not. So I set the option in his phone to replace existing contact data with the server data. Well now his phone wont sync at all, first i received a "error occurred sending changes, Communication Error 80040207. Then i attempted to sync again and i got, "Folder is locked. Retrying synchronization...Folder is locked. Please try again later."

    I'm more concerned with why contacts are being duplicated, than why it currently won't sync. A while ago his contacts on his PC did in fact duplicate/triplicate/quadruple, I manually removed all of the dupes, set his phone to sync with server settings, all went O.K.

    Question being: Will purchasing a SD memory card resolve this memory issue?
    His phone reports 38mb storage space free and (now after removing some dupe contacts on his phone) 10.49mb program space free. I'm not sure how contact data would be stored, i would assume sync data would be considered storage space.....but i guess not, Can you allocate specific values for storage/program if you add an SD mem card?

    If i remember correctly (which i probably don't) I thought i heard that if the phone has WIFI then it is currently occupying the same slot as would an SD memory card. Sadly enough I don't feel like breaking the phone so i have no idea if there is a card in the top slot or not... How do you pop that bad boy out...i've tried pushing down and lightly pulling up?

    Also, how do i resolve the ing dupe issue??

    Sorry for the lengthy post,
    I appreciate any and all help in advance,


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    Question, what version of Exchange do you have? You don't really need to use Wireless sync if you have Exchange Activesync configured, or is that not an option?

    Anytime I've seen duplicates on a WM device, it's also duplicated it in outlook as well, but we've never used wireless sync since we moved from Lotus Notes.
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    Exchange Version 6.5 (Build 7638.2: SP 2). I guess i haven't looked into exchange activesync very much, The current configuration was done by someone else, so i'm not sure if there was an underlying reason for not using activesync.
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    Make sure that his settings in activesync on his phone are set to overwrite on phone, if not they may duplicate if he adds a new contact because the phone already has it, and the computer adds it again.
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    Yeah, his phone is set to overwrite with server data. I don't have the ability to constantly monitor his phone and his PC, so i don't know when the duplication occurs. I almost wonder if it has something to do with cached exchange mode...

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