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    People in Italy says it should cost 369Euros... no particular plan (this is the norm in Italy... you buy a phone and a SIM card and you use them together...)
    It will not be locked (in Italy at least, it is really unlikely that a phone is locked...)
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    In the Netherlands it will be €299,-, but with a Vodafone "plan" of 2 years it's prabably free. But then it's locked to Vodafone.
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    In the UK they are saying free with a Vodafone contract but don't specify which ones or a without contract price.
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    Wow free with a contract? That is dirt cheap. I remember the days when you had to get last years phone to get a freebie.
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    really ??? Free the contact. It is very good.
    Two Way Radio Battery will let you heard by the world.
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    Free huh.. And unlocked.

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