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    I recently set up my treo 750 to activesync with the exchange server at my office. Things were working fine until the admin ran into me and told me they had disabled my device from syncing. When I asked why he mumbled something about treo's not allowing other phones to sync when they are synced. I don't see why a treo would be any different than any other wm phone and am looking to see if anyone can explain to me what the issue might be as I'm not sure I buy what I was told.
    Thanks for any help!
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    We have Treo's; Palm OS and Windows OS(700p, 700w, 700Wx, 755p, 750), Q's, PPC 6700's and Sprint Moguls connected via Activesync to our Exchange server and we don't have any problems.

    How did they disable just your device? From what our IT person told me(or something like what he told me), they either turn it on or off, but it's hard to get down to a specific device unless they have it in their hands and and put in the MAC address of the device.
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    I'm not sure how they did it, I actually talked to our in house admin who seemed to kind of evade the question and I got the idea she didn't really know what the problem was she just knew what was done. we're not a very large company and a pro comes in once a week to do maintenance and deal with major problems. It's a pain since the building I work in isn't wired for data and so I don't have a computer at work to check and deal with e-mail so I have to wait to get home to get my mail for the day.

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