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    This phone is 1 week old, I have not downloaded anything onto it yet, however in the last 2 days Im getting missed calls when the phone never rung - Im also having issues where the screen goes black and I hit power to get the today screen back up and it stays black unless I hit it like 4 or 5 times. Another issue Im having is people send me text msgs and Im not gettin them until 5 hrs later - and lastly hmm i think thats enough for now.

    I called Verizon and they said I need to do a soft reset - I never did one before but only had the phone a week and have not used it THAT much - is this something thats normal? I'm in my 30 day return time and am paranoid this is going to continue if I get another palm, so I have been thinking about switching to blackberry but love the touch screen and the camera on the palm. Please help
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    Soft reset, if that doesn't work, hard reset. If neither of them work, take it back and get a new one.

    The screen staying black might actually just be a common problem. If the screen turns off and you immediately try to turn it back on, it won't always work. This is because it's still trying to process the command to go to sleep, and you throw a command to wake back up at it, and it just can't do both at the same time. It's just something we need to live with. If that's what you're talking about, there's no fix, but if your problem is different, then you might be able to fix it.

    Oh, also, are you in an area with good service?
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    Check both the backlight and power settings. Mine by default had both set for 1 minute. I had the same issue you are having. Once I changed the settings for backlight 1 min and power to 2 min, the problem disappeared.

    As far as missing calls, if your phone is sending or receiving data, your incoming calls go strait to VM. It would be great if incoming calls could overide data, however that is the nature of todays technology.

    I have had very great results with VZW customer service replacing phones, I wish I could say the same about the billing department.
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    If you're on EVDO, incoming calls do override data. It's only on 1XRTT that it doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freak4Dell View Post
    If you're on EVDO, incoming calls do override data. It's only on 1XRTT that it doesn't.

    I think this is correct. More and more as I browse for the answer- since we have a bunch of Treos in our company- it seems to point to the actual VZW network as the problem- and NOT the phone/Treo.

    I hope someone from VZW can enlighten us on this...
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    abd the others have recommended. A soft reset along with adjusting the default settings for power and backlight will do wonders. Might hurt battery life a bit but that's what the charger is for. There are CABS on the Palm site for soft reset and backup that will be useful to you also.
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