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    I was curious if there is a way to use some sort of voice to text software on the 700wx? I think it would be much easier to speak to the phone & have it convert the speech to text similar to all the other voice activated software.

    The idea would be to open Poutlook, start a new message, move to the email body, then turn on the dictation mode to get the email written.

    Any suggestions?

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    Dragon actually tried in 2002 with Dragon PDSay, it was a program that did exactly that. Unfortunately it flopped because of the lower quality hardware the PDA has compared to the new hightech sound cards with higher quality codecs in regular PC's. The PDA just couldn't keep up with the dictation, so it was cancelled pretty quickly.

    EDIT: I did a quick google and came up with this, I'm not adventurous enough to try it, if you do let us know.
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    Hrmm, I think that goes the wrong way (text to speech) instead of Speech to Text.

    I think your answer makes sense though on why it wouldnt work well.

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