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    I ordered a second stock Palm battery from the store here at TC a few days ago. One of the comments talked about using the battery until it ran down with no 3rd party extensions or anything running, to properly calibrate the battery levels within the OS (or something to that effect).

    Can anyone comment on this? When replacing batteries do you need to do anything like this, that's outside of just swapping them? Also, are there any issues with going back and forth between batteries in the course of a day? I carry a charger everywhere now, and I figured just carrying an extra battery might be better for me.
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    I don't think the running it down has anything to do with the OS knowing the battery level more accurately.

    It's more related to properly "conditioning" the battery to hold a fuller charge.

    That's my understanding of it.

    I take out my battery all the time and swap between the stock and seidio high capacity battery often and never have any issues. As a matter of fact, anyone seen any keybob type dohickey that is small but big enough to carry an extra battery?
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    That's what I had assumed, about calibrating it. I have done that with many devices. Thanks for the input.

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