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    I have just upgraded from a T650 to the 700wx. Overall I am satisfied, however there is a serious lack of documentation. VZW points the finger at Palm, Palm points the finger at Microsoft and of course Microsoft referes back to Palm and they forward you back to Verizon.

    I am trying to set up my Dell Bluetooth to Active Sync with my Treo. The documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I have been through all of the issues and finally have the cable working. It would be nice to use the Bluetooth.
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    So I gather pairing both phone and computer, assigning a com port to the phone on the desktop, going into Activesync and choosing sync via that com port isn't working for you?

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    The bluetooth connects but active sync never connects.
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    On your desktop, have you set the correct com port, and on your Treo have you chosen in Activesync connect via bluetooth?

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    This is the steps I use..

    Before doing these steps unpair and delete the partnership you have established between your phone and computer.

    1) Find your laptop via the bluetooth manager on the Treo
    2) Pair with any 4 digit code ( ie 0000)
    3) On your PC Bluetooth manager it should ask if you want to pair with your phone (YOU MUST use the same 4 digit code you used with your phone)
    4) Your PC should ask you if you want to set up a serial connection, allow it.
    5) Your phone should now ask what services you want to use on your computer, choose DUN and Activesync.
    6) Go back to your phone, in the bluetooth settings go to the "New Incoming Port" option, choose your computer. Choose a com port, I use 4 or 8.
    7) Hit OK, open active sync and no try to connect via bluetooth.

    It should say "Connecting, Authenticating User, etc..." on your phone.
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    I spent hours yesterday tring to set up BT for my Treo and windows, one on vista one on xp.

    I made sure the bios had an exclusive com port and it was enabled.

    My problem was that windows said I had no bluechip. I did some research, and I dont have BT in either pc. Even though the Bios hasit enabled, there is no chip. I may look to get a dongle.
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    i do not get any common com ports available on the phone and active synch.
    active synch ports 3,5,6
    treo 7 wx sprint com ports 0,4,7,8
    i have deleted the set up and started over

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