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    I had a verizon 650 until a week ago when I traded out for a Blackberry 8830 to see if I like it. I am conflicted on the BB because there is no camera phone and many of my friends and family complain the phone cuts off and echos frequently. I enjoyed my 650 but I was losing battery life and memory quickly. I am considering returing the bb and am not sure if I should get a 700 wx or wait to see if the 755p comes to Verizon in November as predicted earlier. I would like to use a windows version but it doesnt seem like a newer version is coming out any time soon. Does anyone have any suggestions on the 700wx? Am I crazy to take the bb back? Is the 700 reliable enough? Any input or advice would be helpful.
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    Welcome to the forums. I am in the same boat as you as I am eligible for an upgrade from my 650 at the end of the month. I didn't like the 8830's trackball when I demo'd one. I want the simplicity of the palm os, but the wx is a stable device compared to the p.
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    I just upgraded and here is my opinion: Do it. The wx does not reboot like the 650, howerver I wish the wx had some of the little features. Overall I am pleased wit the performance of the wx. Some things I wish the wx would do is to switch between the BT headset and handset without having to switch to speaker, and to easily organize the program icons. Software is available to do the latter, I wish it was part of the package. Remember it is a different OS. In fact the good things is office documents and pdf's open without hit and miss rebooting the device, vzw's wireless sync and push work (I never could get consistant results on the 650) active sync works consistantly (hot sync would lock up frequently) now that I have the latest version, TomTom activated their software for free. The negatives are my GPS and Headset do not work, oh well, you do have to buy new accessories with any new phone. I would give you a thumbs up to upgrade to the wx.
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    Thanks for the welcome. The trackball is pretty easy to adjust to but I had issues syncing with my computer and some other things. Surprisingly I miss the mute switch on the top of the phone. The bb is a decent phone but there is room for improvement, plus I am so used to the treo. I figure as soon as I get something its going to be outdated, but at this point I need something. On top of that I am in school and dont have the time to mess around with something so often. Hey bud, what part of La are you in, NOLA here.
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    Just accross the lake.

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