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    i've seached the forums an didn't come up with anything.

    Those of you who don't know, its an emulater program desgned specifically for pocket pc. I found a version that compatible with our processor.

    Anyone got it to work?
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    surely someone would've been interested in playing PlayStation games on the 750?
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    I'd love to get PocketGBA to work. THe processor is nto the issue, it's the screen size. Hopefully it will work on the 800w.
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    Give Smartgear a looksy
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    Is there any way to know if PocketGBA will work on a 320x320 screen? Does anyone have access to the emulator?
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    I've tried smartgear and it works flawlessly. so far so good on the treo 750, deffinetly worth the $10 if you're looking into gaming on this phone.

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