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    I am beginning to regret upgrading. Sometimes it just doesn't ring; the volume just turns off. A soft reset cures it, but only after I've missed a few calls/messages. Also, my contacts have disappeared; that may be due to the last time I tried to add an exchange server and then deleted it.
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    I have not updated my Treo 750 and it has been acting like that for last week or 2. Phone does not ring when calls come in.

    Also, my internet stopped working 3 days ago. Had to call AT&T and go through the menus and change the setting few times before it started working again.

    Seems like the quality of the Cingular is going down rapidly after AT&T takeover.

    Meanwhile, looking over my shoulder, there are alot of happy friends walking proudly with their iphones.
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    I admit, the iPhone "cool factor" can't be ignored, but for all the applications I use and the customization I still prefer my Treo. Also I actually like fixing things and figuring them out; I may complain about it, but that's the best way to learn.

    I downloaded the audio fix from Palm's website; hopefully the "disappearing sound" issue will be resolved. I sure hope it's OK to use with WM6; if it isn't I guess I'll just do another hard reset.
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    The audio patch is included in the leaked AT&T WM6 rom image. Which rom version did you use?
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    How would I find that information on my phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by btstarcher View Post
    How would I find that information on my phone?
    Check xda-dev if you used the leaked AT&T rom. I don't recall the version number change in the audio dll file, but it was verified over there. I haven't seen anything about the updated dll being included in the other WM6 roms so far.

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