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    OK, so I jumped the gun & installed the European WM6 update, even though I'm in New Zealand. In my defense my phone did show the 1.16-VFE as the current version and was therefore eligible. The update installed as expected, and everything seemed to be going well...

    Until I noticed that the phone wouldn't receive calls! That's right - if I rang it from my landline it would either sound like it wasn't there or go straight to Voicemail.

    I did call Vodafone NZ and they couldn't resolve it at the first level of support. I've rolled back to 1.16 now and WM5.

    So having gone from WM5 to WM6 and back again let me tell you the good and bad of WM6.
    1. Can't receive calls - obviously a deal-breaker
    2. In Calendar day view commencing to type doesn't automatically create a new appointment.

    1. Voice Command over Bluetooth is fantastic - much improved
    2. Connections - using the ph as a modem was much easier to setup
    3. Overall the phone seemed faster and more responsive

    Overall I was very impressed with WM6, but if it can't let my calls through then it's no good.

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    Hi Michael

    The "not receiving calls" issue has been addressed in other topics.

    Run the Treo 750 Update Recovery Tool (T750URT.exe) and your device will be fine.

    Essentially, T750URT flashes an old 1.12 Radio ROM to the device, which works in NZ.

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    That works just fine - Thanks.
    Treo750 on WM6
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    I'm in NZ and have run both the Cingular and Vodafone Europe WM6 ROM's on my 750v without any problems.

    My firmware version shows as

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