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    So I picked up an FM transmitter that would work easily with my Treo, as I have Resco Radio now. Everything was great. Sound quality was good, driving while streaming actually worked better than I thought. Some things I was thinking about though, so I figured I'd throw them out to the group.

    1. Who else is using this in general/in the car, and what is your setup?

    2. Battery life - what are you seeing? How fast is your power being consumed? Is it worth it to bump up to one of the extended capacity batteries? If so, can you recommend one in particular?

    3. Are you using Bluetooth as well (turned on, that is) while using Resco? How is battery life then?

    I drove back from the beach today, about 1.5 hours. Had the radio streaming the whole time, took some calls, Bluetooth on, I'm at about 60%, down from a full 100.

    Any hints, suggestions would be fantastic, as always.

    Oh - and how warm does your Treo get when you use this? Will an extended capacity battery make this worse?
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    I have the 3200 mAh battery. I can stream for about 6 hours with my bluetooth head phones. Never tried to see how long the stock battery lasts. It does get warm but I don't think its that bad. Now if I stream with bluetooth while charging it gets really hot, to the point where the deivce stops charging and pops up with a warning.
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    See, I can't even charge while streaming, because I get crazy interference on the transmitter when I do. I actually just ordered an extra battery and little charger. I've had the phone for almost a whole year now, I figure, happy birthday little buddy, have a new battery.

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