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    Well I recently picked up a Jabra BT8010, and well I'm having some issues with it. When I first set up the profile in the Treo it works the way I want to, as a Stereo BT headset, but if I turn off bluetooth or the device and then turn back on it's not working that way anymore. And the only way I tend to solve it is by deleting the profile and then adding it again. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or how do I avoid this from continuing to happen?
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    Get used to it. Do a search and you'll see many posts with complaints about using the BT8010 with the wx (I posted many complaints myself). Jabra is supposed to be releasing a new firmware version that should help but that's taking forever and a day. My advice is to get another headset. The BT8010 is a great headset but not when paired with the wx.
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    I think there is a 1.36 firmware version out there. Does anyone have it? Please post if you have it.
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    Glad I read this thread, I was about to buy one. Can anyone recommed any other recommended stereo headsets for the Treo 700wx?
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    I use two - a Moto s9 for running and outside active stuff, and a Lubix NC-1 (reviewed at - sister site of this one). They both work really well. Here's the Lubix site - - I have a black one and it works great with my 700wx.

    One final tidbit - if you're a major music hound you might want to pick up an alternate music player. I was fine with the built in Windows Media Player until I started searching around - I now use (and would never go back to WMP) 'Pocket Player' from Conduits. I mean it is awesome. - you can test it out. I think Pocket Player works with my two BT units even better than WMP. Complete control with the pause/next/stop, etc. No issues at all....
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    O.O Eeep... too late... Just bought a set

    I read all the reviews, but it wasn't crossing my mind to check here......

    <.< new egg doesn't offer a refund on the headset either.... :-/

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