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    Ok ive had Sprite for over 2 weeks. Last few days its giving me a message that backup was usuccessful due to my storage card memory being full. I have a 2 gig card and have just less than 1 gig used up. Mind you i only get this message during a scheduled backup. I have it set to do it at 4am. I get the message once i wake up. I then do it manually and all is well. No alerts No nothing. Works like a charm. Any ideas on why its doing this?

    My device shows:
    I have 6MB free of storage memory
    I have 10MB free of program memory
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    I've had this happen in the past. When it happens, the Storage Card is actually "Storage Card 2" and Sprite is still pointing at the "Storage Card" directory. I usually pop out the SD card, delete the "Storage Card" directory and reinsert. Works like a champ.

    Again, this is from what I've seen on my phone. Hopefully it's the same for you.
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    cyclemc is correct. happens to me all the time.
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    mine is also storage card 2!
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    thanks ill try that!
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    My Sprite Backup (Ver. 6) does not want to work on my Verizon 700wx. I have it loaded on my Storage card and do not sync with my computer (since I sync wirelessly with a Windows server).

    I have had it for a little over a week (upgrading from the free version). It has backed up on its own twice (it is scheduled for a daily backup). All other times I received the following error message: "An unexpected error occurred. If the problem persists visit ttp://"

    I have followed up with Sprite support and sent them the requested log and startlog files, but so far they have no answer.

    The manual backup appears to function, although I have not done a restore to be certain.

    I am also running (or have loaded) the following apps and wonder if perhaps one or more is causing a problem:

    Adobe Reader 2.O
    Google Maps
    MS Live Search
    MemMaid 2.0
    Opera (not mini)
    Picsel PDF Viewer
    Sprite Backup 6.0
    TomTom Navigator 6
    Yahoo Go 2.0

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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