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    In trying to improve my "Locating..." latency in IE, I configured my connection to point to an OpenDNS server ( in this case, the one in San Francisco, CA ( with the Longmont, CO server as the alternate (

    I can't get any lookup responses from either server. Tried connecting to them via my PC and the 'nslookup' command, and can't get any address resolution lookups to work that way either -- they just time out.

    Anyone have any insight? Is there something special I need to do to use these servers? Does Cingular filter packets and block access to them, forcing you to use their sluggish DNS servers?

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    I tried all the US-based servers from my PC, and the one in AZ is the only one that works. All the other time out. So, I got this to work (and with the AZ OpenNIC DSN server, initial lookups and then page loads seem a little faster).

    Anyone successfully get the SF, LA, or CO servers to work/respond? Or are these defunct?

    Here are all the Tier 2 servers that OpenNIC lists: (Cologne, DE) - (Tokyo, JP) - (Tokyo, JP) - (Auckland, NZ) - (London, UK) - (Phoenix, AZ, US) - (San Francisco, CA, US) - (Longmont, CO, US) - (Los Angeles, CA, US) -
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    This is a one-man thread

    Looks like this worked spectacularly. Testing speed @ My latency is now consistently a second or less, where before it was often as much as 10-20 seconds ( cingular and their crappy DNS infrastructure support in their network).

    My throughput seems to be a bit higher too (I'm getting ~150kbps in an EDGE locale) which is pretty good. This is compared to variable measurements of between 50-140 before the change.

    This technically can't represent an actual throughput increase, but rather a more accurate speed test, because latency issues are not messing with the test as much.

    Anyway, this is a good "hack" (not really, just a config change) everyone should use. If anyone gets another OpenNIC server to work, please post -- I'd like to have an Alternate configured to fall back on if the AZ server quits.
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    Yes, I'm an *****. But I'd love to improve my internet response time.

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