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    I have a 700WX With 1.22_VZW. When I am on a call, and another one comes through, If I don't answer it it cuts both calls.

    Also, only sometimes does the window show who is on the other line. Other times it just chimes and no notification.

    Very frusterating! Please advise.
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    I have the exact same problem with my 700wx from Sprint. I just updated to the 1.15 firmware yesterday, and haven't had it happen since. But I've only tried to make it happen once since yesterday. I really wish I could figure out why this happens because I've had it disconnect me a few times while I'm a business call that I don't want to click away from.
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    Turn off the Keyguard feature and your troubles will disappear. Guaranteed! Well, not really guaranteed, but this is a known issue that only happens when Keyguard is enabled.


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