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    Hi guys,

    I purchased my Palm Treo 700w off ebay in slightly used condition. Overall, not bad. It came with a new battery (which looks to be only a 1500mAh cheapo battery), new battery cover, new stylus, wall charger, car charger, and a USB data cable. Only had a few nicks on the side, no big deal to me once I wrap it in leather.

    Anyway, I've been having this problem that if I plug the phone in at night, when I wake up the next morning the phone's screen is obviously off, but I can't get it to "turn on" at all. I hit the power button, hold the power button, tried random key combinations thinking maybe it was some special combo key, I can't figure it out. Pressing the soft reset by the battery doesn't work either. The only thing that DOES work is to physically remove the battery and then put it back in.

    I've also noticed that my battery life will say something like 80% for example and then I plug in the USB data cable and as soon as I plug it in the battery drops to =< 7% and within a minute the phone is suspending to save power. If I unplug the data cable, the battery remains at whatever low percentage. Sometimes it drops all the way to 1% immediately and I only have about a minute to "fix" the battery loss. Sometimes a soft reset will return the battery to the actual percentage, sometimes it doesn't. Usually if I leave it suspend and then come back like 5 minutes later it says it's at 99%.

    Aside from those two shortcomings, I LOVE this phone! Already have PhoneAlarm installed and skinned, WeatherPanel with Chameleon-240, Windows Vista Portable skin for WisBar2 and WisBar Desktop.. fun phone!

    Anyway, anyone know by chance what could cause those two issues? I already purchased a Seidio (sp?) 2400mAh extended battery in an attempt to not only get more battery life but maybe fix whatever battery issues could be behind the two problems.
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    Try this: Plug the phone in the wall charger, then soft reset it. This should reset the battery meter. If that doesn't work then I don't know what else to try but a new battery.

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