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    I claim mea culpa for not executing a good search, but how do you shut off the LED? (no flashing for service, notifications, charging, etc. Never want it on.)

    There was a util on the 700p that did this, but what is the comparable setting or app on the 700wx.

    I saw some utils, but they all seem focused on turning the LED on rather than off.

    I sure I am just missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.
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    Easy, you walk down to your local Apple store, you plop down $599, oops $399, and bingo you're done!

    Actually on the 700wx, I don't think it's easy to completely kill the LED by a single setting.

    You may be able to disable all notifications by changing the registry setting for the LED driver to prevent it from loading, but that has the side effect of disabling vibrating notifications and it won't prevent the charging indicators and out-of-service indicators (unfortunately, they bypass the LED driver and make a system call directly).

    There might be an I/O register that can be programmed to disable the LED, but I haven't looked into it yet. This is the first I've heard of anyone wanting to do this...
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    LOL re: the iPhone.

    I want to turn of the LED completely, as it is a battery drain (esp. the service light constantly blinking).

    No LED means more battery life.

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