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    I ordered my 700wx on ebay and didn't get the oem book, cd, or the stereo wired headset. if anyone wants to part with them ill pay shipping on them. I know someones gonna say just buy some headphones and download activesync and the owners manual, but I'm really anal about my electronics so seriously if u want to let them go I WANT THEM.

    thank you
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    Needed Bumpy bump
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    I have them if you want. Let me know. $10 cool?
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    Have you tried your local Sprint service center? I have been able to get extras from them (Cds, manuals, stylus) just by politely asking.

    This works with just about anything they don't sell individually (install CDs for example).

    It has to be a service center as they get these items as part of their replacement process.

    Just remember to be polite

    btw- the manual is available for download in PDF format off the Palm website.
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    I can send you an iso of the cd for free. PM me.

    $10? what a chump move to charge for that.
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    Shipping dummy. I would put it in a small box rarther then in an envelope. He also wanted a headset as well; I was gonna send him a BT one I had extra..
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    I won't call you a dummy, as you did me, just a swindler.

    $10 to send a CD that could be sent for .41 cents.

    Why even ship it? Send an iso through YouSendIt and you're done.

    Whatever someone wants to pay, that's fine. Just not much in the TC spirit.
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    Sorry I'm not hip and know what YOUSENDIT is. I figured a CD, booklet and BT headphones (Which I paid 45.00 for) would be worth me going to USPS and sending it out for 10.00.
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    And he mentioned he was anal, so I was going to include some cream

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