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    I have TomTom Nav 6.0 installed on my Treo 750 SD Card. When the card is removed and then reinserted or if the device is reset it automatically starts the TomTom program. I was told by TomTom tech support there is a setting in WM6 on the Treo that can be changed to stop this from happening. Does anyone know how to change this setting?

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    AT&T Treo 750 (Unlocked) WM6

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    How to disable Autorun from SD/CF storage cards?
    The simplest way to get rid of autorun from storage cards (SD/CF) is to put a dummy readonly application named autorun.exe into the \Windows folder.

    Why will this work?

    When an storage card is inserted, autorun.exe is copied from the storage card root folder to \Windows folder and then it is executed which may be resposible in showing some annoying user interface. By putting a readonly dummy execuatble with the same name, OS won't overwrite it with the copy from the storage card. It will just run the dummy autorun.exe which will do nothing.
    btw - I googled windows mobile sd card autorun and selected the 3rd hit.

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