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    "not enough memory to perform this operation. please close some windows and try again." for the past 2 or 3 days now i keep getting this message about once a minute when the phone is in my pocket. it happens even with no applications running! i did a soft reset a few times with no luck. i also delted some programs that i no longer use, AND i deleted all my text messages that were over a month old thinking that may have been cause but nothing worked. anyone know why it would randomly keep doing this?
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    did you load an mms hack in the last few days ? that looks like the error message that pops up when you try to send mms from a sprint enabled treo 700wx without the proper .cab or regedit installed.
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    ive had the mms hack for months now with now problems until now. and im on verizon.
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    I got that recurring for a while once. I had tried to send a MMS from the Palm threaded SMS and the message was stuck in my outbox. I deleted it and the problem went away.
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    that what it was!!!! i sent a text a little while ago to someone i didnt know didnt get text and i guess thats wat problem was. i deleted it and fixed! thanks

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