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    What are the major differences between the new Opera Mini and the Opera Mobile beta (which expires 10/1/07)? I have been using Opera Mobile for a few months now. I prefer it to PIE. However, I am reluctant to try Opera Mini -- not much storage space left... Are there fewer features (such as multiple pages) in Mini? What are the advantages of one over the other? Can they peacefully co-exist?
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    They can coexist without any issues. Opera Mobile feels more like a default browser should, it uses more of the built-in interface from WM and has a lot more PC-like funcionality, in fact it incorporates a lot of nice features from the desktop version, such as plugin support, or the ability to type "w treo" to search wikipedia for Treo, directly from the URL field. It also seems to be much more customizable, there's a large config file for you to tweak. It also has full multi-tab support.

    OperaMini has a couple of features OMob doesn't, particularly the dynamic auto-zoom stuff, which is nice but I personally don't use. It also seems to have slightly better page formatting in some cases, which is odd.

    I use OMob more than Omini, but I keep both.
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    Im just the opposite I use Mini more than mobile. To me mini is much quicker and more dynamic as a mobile browser showing you an entire page at once and letting you zoom in and out, moving back and forth between previous pages with ease. Plus mini lets me bank online and mobile wouldnt play nice with my banking site.
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    as for storage space, the new java only requires 750k so it's pretty light considering.

    I'd try it out.

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