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    Hello. I have just started a Beta Tester Program for Streaming video from your Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 Live to our Website. This program is FREE...Anyone who is registered can view your stream live if they are your "friend" as all videos are initially private, or you can designate the Stream public thru your profile and only allow everyone to view the stream. The live stream is archived and you can share the video or port it to another site such as YouTube or MySpace.

    If anyone is interested in trying our program simply go to and register. You can download the program directly to your Treo and in a few minutes you will be up and running. I apologize in advance to Mac Users...we are trying to get live on a Mac but right now we are still using Active X to display the video because the latency is minimal.

    We are trying to figure out who will make the best usage of this application and make the installation and usage as simple as possible. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
    Thanks Jamie
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    Tried it... Its crap!

    Nice idea, but needs A LOT OF WORK!

    UPDATE: Going to try the Alpha/Beta you pointed out to me... Hope to see video
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    We are working on an update for Windows Mobile 6 and the Treo 750. Our video driver access changed and we haven't been able to stream as a result. Sorry ;-) Upgrades are more painful than you can imagine...

    Our alpha version enables Photos to upload and we should have a fix soon for the video. Treos running Windows Mobile 5 still work well, they usually needed to be restarted after installation.

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