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    Sometimes I come across interesting articles or stuff on internet while surfing on my desktop that would like to read later on my Treo 750 while on the go, without accessing the internet from device. I dont use internet on my Treo at all, never enjoyed the speed or display. So wondering if someone knows of any software that would let me select text on desktop and send it to treo for later reading. I guess I came across one in the past, but dont remember its name now.

    Anyone!! plz help.

    Thanks for help guys
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    There is software, but I also don't remember the name. However, in the mean time you can save the internet page on your PC and then copy it to your Treo. When you do this, a folder is also created containing images and such. Copy that also into the same dir you copy the file to.

    I have done this many times for articles I want to read offline.
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    OneNote 2007 on your desktop includes OneNote Mobile but for now why don't you just save the text as a Note in Outlook and enable the syncronisation of such Notes in Activesync?
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    Thanks guys, I have been doing the same for the moment. Just that sometimes its really cumbersome, especially when I am rushing to get out and suddenly I remember I need to download the directions to Treo. Just wish there were a product then which would just let me right click and send text to PDA thru activesync.

    Meanwhile I found a product called Snapture on internet that seems to do it, but it doesnt look like a quality product. There is no demo either. Does anyone have more info on this??

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