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    I have a Treo 700wx, and I've been using the Palm Threaded SMS setup for about 4 months now without a problem.

    Then all of a sudden today my screen says (1) new message but its in the same column as my "gmail" (not the normal SMS portion that came up after I installed the PALM setup).

    Also, from that point on everytime I got/sent a text I would get a windows error... crap!

    I did some digging and found this thread ( and followed the steps and that took care of the error (looks like my issue corrupted my palm database file), but I still cant get to that 1 message.

    So I dumped EVERYTHING from my text section, and still it says I have 1 new... its DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    I know it's somehow stored in the stock text section that I don't have access to anymore, since I installed the PALM hack, but how the hell do I get to it ... or just delete it? I know what was in the message I just want that indicator gone but when I try to switch account types in my mail section I no longer have the text option since I overwrote it w/ the palm hack.

    What file can I dump from explorer, if I can?

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    Almost a year now and I've yet to have this problem.

    People in the past have been able to use SPB Diary to read the text to get rid of the indicator. Not sure if it still works.

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