I've been running an ATT 750 since March. Everything works great except I have never been able to send or receive MMS with pictures and I can't receive attachments with my emails. I use Outlook and sync with Corp Exchange Server - the push works fine for the emails-contacts-calendar, but when I try to open attachments it says it is marked for download next time I connect???? Does that mean Active Sync - why not wireless?

When trying to send or receive pictures with MMS I just get a very generic failure message.

Now, within the past couple of weeks it has started popping up a big error message telling me my connection is lost and I can either go to "settings" or dismiss. I end up with a big "G" in a box in the status line. Then if I try connecting to the web or something, a new message pops up saying Media.Net is connecting - it connects fine and works great - then the cycle repeats itself. - happens 100 times a day.

I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa which is not the technology hub of the planet, but I believe I have most services except the highspeed stuff.

I've been soft resetting with no improvement - any ideas?